Faran Tahir wants to make it clear that his character from Iron Man, Raza, is a villain but is not totally evil. Tahir told SCI FI Wire that director Jon favreau gave him the opportunity to humanize the character.

"I tried to find ways to show that although he may be the bad guy, there might be a moment or just a hint of vulnerability at times, where he hasn't made the right calculations or there's a certain amount of doubt," Tahir said. "Jon was very receptive to that kind of layering, and it's in there."

In the film, Tahir's character is responsible for the kidnapping of Tony Stark, which is the incident that leads to Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) building his first version of the Iron Man armor. One thing that Tahir appreciated about the film is that, not only did Favreau allow him to humanize Raza, the other characters in the film are similarly multi-dimensioned.

"What I love about the movie is that it doesn't try to paint the characters as black and white," Tahir said in an interview. "The movie plays with the shades of gray, and that's what is interesting to me. Tony Stark is not just a good guy. He has his own problems, and you get to see this man dealing with all of that."

Directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey, Jr., Terrence Howard, Shaun Toub, Jeff Bridges and Gwyneth Paltrow, Iron Man flies into theatres on May 2, 2008.