In 2012, the big hit of Berlin Film Festival was Iron Sky, the Fenno-German-Australian sci-fi comedy about the imminent return of the Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon. The film was a hit worldwide, and the sequel has been planned ever since the release. A brief teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming sequel Iron Sky: The Coming Race, which you can check out below.

During Berlin Film Festival 2014, the wraps around the sequel are slightly cracked open. With the announcement of the writer and backed by both MBB in Germany and FFF in Finland, the filmmakers start looking for a prominent sales company for Iron Sky sequel, titled Iron Sky: The Coming Race.

Writer Dalan Musson has joined the production. Musson is a US screenwriter whose credits include Rangarok and Blood Wars, features written for Warner Bros. under a two picture deal. Dalan also wrote Jeremiah Harm, based on a graphic novel series of the same name, to be directed by Timo Vuorensola. With Dalan, director Vuorensola and the story development team in Finland have devised a mad storyline which isn't lacking ambition, crazy humour and unique action pieces. The blurb says:

"20 years ago Earth was ruined in a nuclear apocalypse. What's left of humanity is trapped on the Moon - which is now falling apart as well. Mankind's only hope is to send a small team into the Center of the Earth to retrieve the mythical Holy Grail. All that stands in their way is an ancient race of reptilian humanoids and an army of dinosaurs. How hard could it be?"

The film received very recently the backing of the Finnish Film Foundation and Medienboard Berlin. Before that, the team successfully crowdfunded over $180000 for the development of the script and a promo. The script will be finished by Cannes 2014 and the filmmakers are shooting a 3-4 minute promo late in February at the Babelsberg studios, where they also plan to take the main production of the film.

Right now, the key is to find a sales company and devise a strategy that suits the needs of the production that's heavily visible in the Internet space, worldwide.

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Here's what producer Tero Kaukomaa had to say in a statement.

"For Iron Sky, I want to create a solid distribution strategy that meets the needs of today's audience and to avoid some of the issues we had last time around. We want the film to be available as widely as possible day-and-date, followed by digital / Blu-ray / DVD release shortly after. We had issues with piracy with the first one because of the lack of availability when the film hit the theatres across the Europe, and we want to make sure we won't make the same mistake again."

Iron Sky is again produced by Tero Kaukomaa under new company Iron Sky Universe, built to host the development and further ventures of the Iron Sky franchise. Oliver Damian from 27 Films is also joining this time around to form the German partner in the production. A major second crowd funding round is planned to coincide with the release of the promo later in 2014.

Iron Sky: The Coming Race is looking to start shooting early 2015, and eyeing a 2016 release. The budget is approximately 10 million € ($13 million).