The theatrical trailer for Iron Sky: The Coming Race is here to make Earth great again. This isn't the first trailer for the long-awaited sequel, which has been in the works for six years, but it's possibly the most insane. It also signifies that this movie is finally going to be released soon, as the initial theatrical rollout is scheduled for January 16 in certain countries around the world. So get ready for Nazis, dinosaurs and all sorts of nonsense.

Visually, the trailer gets off to an impressive start with a ship nearly crash landing on the moon. We then get into the meat of the whole thing, which shows us an alternate universe, in which, the world we know was destroyed in 2018 thanks to the Moon Nazis, who brought us to nuclear destruction. Mankind now lives on an abandoned Nazi base on the moon. And then Hitler rides in on a T-rex. Just for reference, that's just the first minute of this absolutely bonkers trailer. That's the kind of crazy movie we're dealing with here.

We then learn that a rag-tag group of humans will have to journey to the center of the Earth to find their last hope of survival. It's a journey filled with dinosaurs, strange creatures, more Nazis and, considering that this isn't a major studio blockbuster, impressive visuals, which include but are not limited to a badass blonde woman jump-kicking a T-rex in the face. Can we officially put Iron Sky: The Coming Race on our list of most-anticipated sequels of 2019 now? There is more craziness packed into two minutes than one can scarcely imagine. Just think about what two hours of this is going to look like.

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Iron Sky: The Coming Race takes place 20 years after the events depicted in the first movie. The former Nazi Moonbase is now home to the final remnants of mankind. Earth was rendered uninhabitable by a nuclear war. However, buried deep under humanity's former home lies a secret that could save the last of our kind. Or, in the wrongs hands, like Nazi hands, for example, could destroy us. The sequel will reveal the truth behind mankind's creation on a journey to the Hollow Earth. This journey will lead our heroes on a fight against an ancient shapeshifting reptilian race known as the Vril and their army of dinosaurs. Utter and complete madness.

Timo Vuorensola directs the sequel which will be making its way to theaters starting next month. The world premiere will take place in Finland on January 16, with various other screenings taking place in several countries throughout the first quarter of 2019. Tickets for scheduled screenings are available now, but the producers promise that other screenings will be announced in the future. There is also a section on the movie's website where people can demand screenings in their country. Be sure to check out the new theatrical trailer from the Iron Sky YouTube channel below.

Iron Sky The Coming Race poster

Ryan Scott