Marvel has announced that the character Ironheart is getting her very own comic book series. The character first debuted in the pages of Invincible Iron Man and eventually took over as the lead in that book. Now, the young genius Riri Williams is going to be the subject of her own ongoing series. Does that mean Marvel is planning on giving the character her own movie next?

The new Ironheart title will be written by Eve Ewing. The Chicago-based artist, poet and playwright is making her first foray into comics with the new series. Fans of the character actually petitioned last year to have Ewing tackle a Marvel Comics title and it appears as though that campaign did some good. Kevin Libranda, who works on Marvel's Champions, will be providing art for the new book. Here's what Ewing had to say about the character.

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"Ironheart symbolizes what happens when you combine incredible strength and might with a sense of love, care, and a true desire for justice. Not just punishment or showing off or short-term solutions, but real justice. Not to be corny or overly literal, but that's what it means to combine the power represented by "iron" with the moral compass represented by "heart." Riri's identity and the place where she comes from means she sometimes has a different perspective than some of her peers on how to deal with people who are doing wrong. There's a reason she doesn't just go around blasting everybody to high heaven because, to be real, she definitely could do that if she wanted. But she's a very tender person at her core, and she doesn't just want to be a senseless weapon."

Writer Brian Michael Bendis introduced the character of Riri Williams, who is a young genius that got into MIT at age 11. Williams created her own version of the Iron Man suit, without very many resources, which caught the attention of Tony Stark. She then took up the hero's mantle in the pages of Invincible Iron Man. But this is the first time she is getting her own series.

This announcement comes at a pretty interesting time. Marvel Studios is currently getting ready to close out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers 4 next year. That will bring with it the loss of several key stars who have anchored these movies for a long time. While the studio hasn't officially stated who is heading off into the sunset, it's quite likely that Robert Downey Jr. will be hanging it up as Iron Man. Just as she did in the comics, Riri Williams could replace Tony Stark as the hero within the MCU.

We reported last month that an Ironheart movie script had surfaced on the Black List, a list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. The script was written by Jada Rodriguez and, given how the rights for Marvel movies work, she would have probably been commissioned by the studio to write it. So, even though Disney and Marvel Studios are keeping quiet on Phase 4 right now, there is reason to believe that Riri Williams may be included in the studio's future big screen plans.

With that being the case, it would make perfect sense to give the character her own comic book series first. We'll have to see how the movie plans play out, but Ironheart #1 is set to hit shelves on November 7. You can check out some art from the upcoming title, courtesy of, for yourself below.

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