It may not have won an Oscar but it seems like movielovers will finally have a chance to see the politically charged documentary Street Fight.

Recently, Variety reported that Street Fight, one of 2005's docu Oscar nominees, has been acquired by Ironweed Films, a recently launched online subscription service that specializes in independent film.

Helmed by Marshall Curry, Street Fight chronicles the bitter 2002 mayoral race in Newark between the allegedly corrupt incumbent Sharpe James and 32-year-old Rhodes scholar Corey Booker.

Political commentator Arianna Huffington will introduce the docu, which will be distributed to Ironweed subscribers in April.

Ironweed aims to be an outlet for indie pics that never make it beyond the festival circuit. Established in December by Adam Werbach for Act Now Productions, the Web distrib will send its subscribers a monthly DVD with a theme such as globalization, human rights and civil liberties.

The site also plans to create a network of members and encourages them to gather together in local clubs to discuss the films.