Slumdog Millionaire's Irrfan Khan talked with NDTV Movies about his upcoming role in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man, where he is playing Nels Van Atter, who becomes Proto-Goblin in the comics.

"The actor says he got 'Spider Man' role after his appearance in US drama In Treatment where he played a widower, who is trying to adjust to the life in a foreign land with his son and his American wife." RELATED: Irrfan Khan Dies, Life of Pi and Jurassic World Star Was 53

"The role got me some good reviews there and I think the industry there is aware of my work. Marc Webber [sic] had seen me and wanted to work with me and he approached me for this role. I play one of the villains in the movie. It is a pivotal role."

The Amazing Spider-Man is currently filming.