Chud's Devin Faraci (aka: the smartest man on the Internet) is reporting that Mike White has just finished a draft for School of Rock 2. This news comes out of the Los Angeles Film Festival, where White was talking on a panel.

According to Devin's account, the finished sequel script actually made White cry. He stated, "I actually just completed a draft of what's potentially the sequel, and I'm still, like, crying as I'm writing the script. I try to come at it from a personal place..."

White would not say what the film was about, and he seemed reluctant when asked if the film was even going to get made. About the story, White said, "With this, you want to have a reason to go to the well again. You want it to not just be a reason so people can cash in. But at least now I have a better sense of what it was we created...What worked and what didn't. I can kind of reboot it."

While Richard Linklater directed the first School of Rock, there is no word on whether he'd be willing to return for a sequel.