After yesterday's news that Gal Gadot signed a three-picture deal to play Wonder Woman, a new report from Variety claims that a stand-alone Wonder Woman adventure is expected to be the actress' third movie after Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League, but only if the fans want it.

Batman Vs. Superman is the first movie in Gal Gadot's agreement, with the highly-anticipated Justice League movie expected to follow. Batman Vs. Superman is rumored to include a number of superheroes, and will possibly lead directly into the Justice League ensemble. There is also an unconfirmed report that Warner Bros. plans on shooting both Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League back-to-back, in hopes of getting Justice League ready for a theatrical release in 2017.

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According to The Israeli entertainment show Good Evening with Gai Pines, which first reported on Gal Gadot's three-picture deal, the actress will only earn $300,000 per film. Three-picture deals are commonplace, especially for a superhero franchise such as this. However, it is believed that the studio didn't offer a bigger deal, or extend past three movies, because they are unsure how audiences will respond to Wonder Woman on the big screen, and don't want to rush into a much larger commitment before Batman Vs. Superman debuts in 2016.

At this time, none of this has been confirmed by Warner Bros. or DC.

As for the stand-alone Wonder Woman movie, it isn't known who will write or direct, or when the studio plans on going into production. Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara teased the movie's development back in October. Just a few days after that report, Paul Feig said he had pitched his own take on Wonder Woman to Warner Bros., but the studio ultimately passed on the idea, which was much more lighthearted, positioning the movie in a tone similiar to Iron Man, with Batman and Superman presented as 'two jerks'.