Last month, a new report revealed that Jason Momoa will have a cameo appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Aquaman, though it also stressed that this news will not be confirmed for quite some time. While Jason Momoa has not come out and said that he is in fact playing Aquaman, many fans believe his Instagram photo, where he is seen holding a pitchfork that resembles Aquaman's trident, confirms the role is locked up. The actor later denied the casting, shooting down these reports during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. That doesn't matter! There are many who still believe that he will play Aquaman.

Over the weekend, Jason Momoa appeared at Evolution Expo, where he still refused to confirm his role as the King of Atlanis, but he did want to talk about how it would be "really fun" to play a superhero, before stating that he is more of an antihero type. He also hinted that he wants to play Lobo.

"I think it would be really, really fun to play a superhero. You know? I've always talked about, like, what's your favorite. I mean I love Lobo so... but ah... You know. It would be awesome. I don't know how they do it but... Yeah, absolutely I think it would... I just don't really see myself as a superhero. Yeah, no I mean, they're kind of written a little different. I don't know. I just... you know. I'm not wearing a lot of the... I don't see myself in tights a lot. And I'm more of a, I don't know, an antihero if you will. In life. So, not the smiling, parading to saving the world kind of guy. Yeah, the Hulk would have been fun!"

Last month's report revealed that Aquaman teams up with Superman to help rectify the damage done by the World Machine to the Indian Ocean, but, naturally, that has not been confirmed. Aquaman has been portrayed as an antihero in the DC Comics before, but it remains to be seen if this will be the version fans get in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Lobo is currently in development at Warner Bros. with Brad Peyton writing and directing, and Dwayne Johnson possibly starring as the title character.

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