In a story from Moviehole, Robert Rodriguez is overtly courting Arnold Schwarzenegger for his Predators movie.

Apparently, the Governor of California is a little busy at the moment so he hasn't responded, yet. The biggest problem with this is that the shoot is coming up soon so Schwarzenegger needs to get in touch with Rodriguez if this is going to happen.

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Moviehole's source goes on to say that a role has even been written for Arnold. Rodriguez does not see Predators as a remake but rather a sequel to the original film.

The early rumors have Schwarzenegger coming back as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, "the canon-armed Special Forces leader" who battled the original extraterrestrial beast in the first film. Arnold's character will not be the lead in the film but one whose role should take a couple of days to shoot.,

Initially, Schwarzenegger had been asked to come aboard as Dutch for a small role in Stephen Hopkins' Predator 2. This never happened and Gary Busey ended up playing the part.

Predators is slated to come to theaters July 2010 from 20th Century Fox.