Residents in Yorkville, IL, have contacted local authorities, concerned over mysterious lights appearing in the night sky. These lights are coming from the exact location that director Zack Snyder shot his Kent Farm scenes for this past summer's Man of Steel. Could he and his crew be back at the location, secretly filming new Kent Farm scenes for the upcoming sequel Batman Vs. Superman?

That's what the townsfolk speculate. And as we know, Batman Vs. Superman is already in production, with football scenes depicting a game between Metropolis and Gotham shot at an East Los Angeles college two weeks ago.

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The lights appeared in the sky on Route 126 and Grove Road, just past their Whitetail Ridge subdivision, where 'no trespassing' signs where plastered about the area. New street signs for a fictional road have been resurrected, and locals spotted crew members carrying spotlights in the late evening.

Commander Phil Smith of the Sheriff's office, who helped coordinate the Man of Steel shoot, told the townsfolk that he did not know of any shooting taking place late at night.

"They haven't contacted us yet if there is something."

This news was, however, contradicted by the senior planner for Kendall County Building and Zoning, Angela Zubko, who did confirm that shooting was taking place in the area. She was unable to reveal which film was shooting there, though, only revealing that the area had been secured from late August to the end of February 2014.

Warner Bros. hasn't confirmed if Batman Vs. Superman has started filming in Illinois just yet, but its likely that the production will return to that same location. Its highly unlikely that either Henry Cavill, who is in the midst of shooting The Man from U.N.C.L.E., or Ben Affleck, who is busy shooting Gone Girl, is on set due to their busy schedule.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange