While nothing is set in stone yet, there is the possibility that Harrison Ford may be re-cast in Indiana Jones 5, with LucasFilm and Disney rumored to be eyeing Bradley Cooper as a possible replacement.

Latino Review reports that there is still a chance that Harrison Ford will sign on, but the window for him to do so is shrinking by the minute. Disney and LucasFilm are said to have a date in place, and if the project isn't moving forward by then, they are, "100% prepared to recast a younger Dr. Jones" and start a new trilogy. No offers have been made at this time, but the potential casting move is being compared to the James Bond franchise, which has been re-casting 007 for over 50 years, as opposed to a reboot.

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The Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont is believed to have recently pitched a take to Disney/LucasFilm, but it isn't known if he has officially come on board to write the script, or what his story may be about. Frank Darabont actually wrote a draft for the fourth movie, which was entitled Indiana Jones and the City of Gods. The story was set in the 1950s and followed ex-Nazi's pursuing the archaeologist. Steven Spielberg reportedly enjoyed the draft, but George Lucas did not, leading him to craft the story himself for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

We reported in December that Disney acquired the Indiana Jones rights from LucasFilm. Disney chairman Alan Horn also revealed in December that Indiana Jones 5 is still a few years away from happening, and we reported last month that Harrison Ford is actually in talks for two Indiana Jones movies, but it seems he's running out of time to get a deal done.

Many fans thought Harrison Ford would pass the baton to Shia LaBeouf's Mutt Williams after 2008's Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but that never happened. Do you think it's time for Harrison Ford to hang up the hat and whip? Or do you want to see him on the big screen as Indy one more time? After all, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg created the character of Indiana Jones so that they would have their own James Bond type character, and always envisioned that he would be played by a number of different actors. Sean Patrick Flanery is the second actor to play the character in The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. And River Phoenix played a young Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade? Who might be next to wear the hat and carry the whip?