Ever since he rebooted the Superman franchise with Superman Returns, people have wondered if Bryan Singer would be directing the sequel, tentatively titled Superman: The Man of Steel. Well, MTV had the chance to talk to the director about his upcoming Tom Cruise-starring Valkyrie, and they asked him about the next Superman.

Singer's answer? Well, let's just say it was maddeningly vague.

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"At the moment I can't really talk about that," said Singer. "I wish I could. From my perspective I'm going to take a brief pause. Valkyrie has taken a long time so I'm going to take a pause. A movie like that takes some time to do right. That's all I can say about that."

Singer was, however, able to relate a cute anecdote about a dinner meeting he had with the director of another of Warner Brother's superhero properties - Christopher Nolan, the director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

"We had dinner, and [Marvel Studios founder] Avi Arad ran into us. Isn't that strange? It was such a moment," Singer said. "The three of us were just sitting there thinking, 'Isn't this bizarre?' I should have called [Spider-Man director Sam] Raimi up and said, 'We've got sushi. Get over here!'"