The cast of Smallville may be looking to lose another regular. In the wake of Michael Rosenbaum and Kirstin Kreuk's decision to leave the show, TV Guide now reports that Allison Mack, who plays Chloe, may also be considering departing.

One source says "Allison's camp used Michael (Rosenbaum's) leaving as leverage in the negotiations with [Warner Bros.]. They need Chloe now more than ever - and Allison's people know it."

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With Smallville in declining ratings, the studio may be unwilling to meet a higher price for Mack. However, it seems that most agree that the show would be in trouble without Mack's character. "If Allison leaves, they've essentially got Lois and Clark left, and that show's been done before."

The danger signs are all being displayed for the future of Smallville at this point. The show would potentially be starting it's eighth season without any of the show's original supporting cast, a new villain (Doomsday) and a new love interest planned. Any way you look at it, that's not a recipe that indicates success.