The first time I saw Reservoir Dogs back in 1992, one scene struck me as peculiar. It's that moment where Tim Roth is practicing his drug speech, and he mentions the fact that he was watching The Lost Boys. It is odd, and sort of jarring. I had to rewind it two or three times to make sure I was hearing him right. The Lost Boys? It seemed like a weird shout out at the time. Especially in an art house crime caper. But now knowing Tarantino like we do, it is a pretty acute observation. Of course Tim Roth would be watching The Lost Boys. Since that time, Quentin has made no qualms about being a longtime fan of The Two Coreys (even naming the Gecko Brothers in From Dusk Till Dawn as an homage to the Frog Brothers). Well, we recently learned from a source close to his latest upcoming project that Quentin Tarantino is, in fact, looking to cast Corey Feldman as one of the Jewish soldiers in his upcoming Word War II epic Inglorious Bastards.

While this is of course still in the rumor stages, it makes perfect sense. Tarantino has in the past alluded to wanting to work with both Feldman and Haim, but that idea never seemed to come to fruition. Tarantino is known for taking certain scaled back actors and giving them a mighty career boost. And it certainly seems like he is looking to do that with Feldman. While the role wouldn't be of leading man status, Feldman would be playing one of the secondary characters in a role that is said to be reminiscent of the work he did in The 'Burbs, another favorite of Tarantino's (directed by Joe Dante).

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Feldman certainly seems like the right guy for a role in this film. He recently proved that he can carry a picture on his own with his recent appearance as Edgar Frog in Lost Boys: The Tribe. He's a rough, tough, believable soldier of fortune. And he's Jewish. Both Coreys seem to be on a resurgence of sorts. Feldman's fan base is suddenly seeping into a much younger audience, and Haim just finished shooting a part in Neveldine and Taylor's Crank 2: High Voltage. Hopefully, Feldman's appearance in Inglorious Bastards turns out to be more than just the ramblings of a seemingly obsessed director.

This isn't the first time Corey Feldman has been swept up in a Quentin Tarantino casting rumor. Last year, when interviewing the actor for his show The Two Coreys, we asked him about this, and he stated, "I would love to work with Quentin anytime. I've met Quentin and he is a very nice guy. And I am a great fan of his work. (I would) be honored to have that opportunity. But that opportunity hasn't arisen yet." Feldman even acknowledged Tarantino as a fan of his own work, saying, "He's always said he is. So, we'll see if he puts his money were his mouth is. Hopefully. That would be nice. I would enjoy it."

Let's hope Tarantino makes good on this rumor. I know I want to see Feldman in the film. What do you guys think?

Inglorious Bastards is set to be released sometime in 2010, but we may be seeing it as early as 2009.