With Marvel moving forward on Doctor Strange, trying to narrow down the perfect director, many have begun to speculate about who might be playing the title character. Of course Johnny Depp has been mentioned, though the rumored talks between him and the studio seem to have taken place years ago, before Marvel Studios is what it has become today. Is he still in contention? We don't know. No one is talking.

What we do know is that Back to The Future and Hot Tub Time Machine actor, and resident oddball, Crispin Glover is at the top of many most wanted lists. Some believe he is the best candidate for the job. He's the right age, and he brings the right amount of 'strangeness' needed for the part. He also looks enough like Stephen Vincent Strange that it seems as though he were tailor made for this particular role. Add to that the fact Marvel likes to hire quirky actors from the 80s (like contemporaries Robert Downey Jr. and James Spader) and you have somebody that could very well inhabit the part.

We recently talked with Crispin in support of his upcoming crime thriller The Bag Man, which is in theaters this Friday, February 28. Because we've seen him appear on quite a few top 10 contenders lists, we decided to see how he felt about taking on this Marvel character. He made it clear that he's very game to join the Marvel Family. Though, he doesn't believe he is bankable enough to get the offer.

"I am all for it, if they want to come to me. The thing about the way those big movies work...If you're going to be playing a title role, or even a key lead role in a superhero movie, which, for the most part, are the highest budgeted films these days, you have to have been in a film that is a pretty high grossing film in the last year or two. You have to have played a significant role in it. So, if The Bag Man made $300 million or $100 billion worldwide, maybe I would have a shot at being Doctor Strange."

We brought up producer Kevin Feige's recent comments that they are not looking for an A list actor for the part, but instead, are going to go to the right person for the role. In fact, Crispin Glover seems like the exact kind of casting choice they might make.

"Tell them to hire me! I'll play it! I'll do it if they want to hire me. I would love it.

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(Laughs) I mean, I like The Bag Man very much, but you know, it's a specialized niche market, and I doubt very seriously that it will make $1 million or even close to that. That's okay, I'm still very excited to be in the film. I do have a good feeling about this movie. That it will lead to some good acting offers for me. It will get positive attention, and that will bring some positive attention for me. So even though this film will not be a gigantic grossing film at the box office, I'm sure it will make its money back. And I'm sure it will bring me some attention. I'm not usually this overly optimistic about things."

So, he'd play the role. But does he like Marvel movies? Is he a fan?

"I haven't seen the most recent ones. Like Marvel's The Avengers. Its not that I don't want too. Its because I have been touring with my films. And the last two years, I have been overseeing the sets being built for this film I am shooting in the Czech Republic, where I now own property. So I have not been in the country that much. And when I am in the country, I am barely in my house that I have in Los Angeles. I am kind of out of it in terms of what is going on. But I'd be happy to be in it. I am an actor for hire. I am very willing, and I have the best intentions to do good work when I am hired. Let Marvel know. I will be there."

Since Crispin Glover is in The Bag Man with John Cusack, we also wanted to find out what happened with Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Early on, Crispin was supposed to reprise his role. But we never saw any confirmation that he was coming back. Now that the film has already been shot, he can officially reveal that he won't be in the movie, despite wanting to return.

He explains,

"I wanted to. They shot the film, and it didn't happen. They wanted me too, I just never got the offer. It was kind of complicated. It had to do with John Cusack, who of course is in The Bag Man...He didn't return. And I think the budget had been cut...I don't know, I never talked to John Cusack about this. I don't know all of the details. They had written my character in, and it was tied to his character. But then they had to shoot, and they had to rewrite the script, and I think my character ended up getting cut. They were talking to me, up through the last week of shooting, through my agents, and its just...They ran out of time essentially. So it didn't happen. Which is too bad. I quite enjoyed making the first one. And I would very much like to be in the second film. I know they wanted me to be in it. It wasn't that anything strange happened. Sometimes those things just happen. Maybe I'll be in Part 3. You never know.

I don't know. I like John Cusack, so I don't want to say anything that isn't true. I heard that there was a script written. I never saw it. But it did have both of us in it. And he came up to me on the set of The Bag Man, when we were working on the movie, and he asked me if it was something I'd be interested in being involved with. I said, "Definitely." So, I never saw the script. I never got the offer. I definitely never got the offer. I don't want to...The difficultly is that I've had it happen to me, where people say things that aren't true. So I don't want to be saying anything about anyone. I genuinely don't know. I just never saw that screenplay. I liked all the people. Steve Pink was a great director to work with. Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry...Everybody! I had a really good time on that film. But it sounds like what happened with him is similar, if that's the case with John Cusack. Whether that's the case or not, I never got an offer either, but there were conversations. They wanted to know if I wanted to be in it. Which I did. It just never materialized."

What do you think? Would Crispin Glover make a perfect Doctor Strange? Or should the role go to someone more bankable?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange