On New Year's Eve, Dwayne Johnson confirmed during a #RockTalk Twitter chat that he is involved with an undisclosed DC Comics adaptation.

Fans immediately remembered the actor's comments from July of 2012, where he /lobo-moves-forward-confirms-dwayne-johnson/confirmed that rumors of him playing Lobo were true. So his latest reveal surely means that this DC Comics adaptation is moving forward with him in the lead....Right?

Here is his original statement.

Dwayne Johnson Lobo Tweet

In our story over the weekend, it was highly speculated that Dwayne Johnson could also be up for a role in Batman Vs. Superman, but it was anyone's guess as to which character. Well, now Peter Georgiou of Think McFly, Think has Tweeted out another rumor, that Dwayne Johnson is wanted as John Stewart, aka The Green Lantern. But it isn't know if this is for Batman Vs. Superman, a solo film, or for the impending Justice League.

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This is the second John Stewart rumor story to pop up in the last few days. On Saturday, we heard news that Denzel Washington had actually 'taken' the part. That, or course, was never confirmed by the studio. Denzel's name had also been floated in a story about Warner Bros. and DC Comics search for an African-American Lex Luthor.

Nothing has been confirmed at this point, and none of this is of any certainty. Will we see John Stewart on screen sometime in the near future? That seems likely, as Ryan Reynolds will not return as the Hal Jordon version of Green Lantern. But could Warner Bros. and DC seriously be considering a full-on stand-alone reboot at this point? That seems unlikely.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange