Edward Norton has been deeply involved with the production of The Incredible Hulk, from starring in the film as Bruce Banner/The Incredible, to working on rewrites of Zak Penn's script, and now he is clashing with Marvel Studios and director Louis Leterrier over the final cut of the film. According to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood, Norton is currently holed up with Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel, Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige and Leterrier to find a solution.

One source says "There's a lot of posturing going on between Edward's camp and Marvel over how you edit the final version." But sources disagree about whether Norton is to blame, or whether the fault lies with Marvel.

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"There's a problem. Marvel won't listen to Norton about the cut," one source claims. Other sources say "Never let an actor write a script. Marvel made a mistake letting the wolf into the hen house."

Still, most remain optimistic about a resolution being found. A final source stated:

At this stage you always have discussions about what's in the film and what's not going to be in the film. Everyone's very passionate, and Edward is very opinionated. There is a very healthy exchange of ideas going on. Discussions now are even more heated. But some of Ed's best movies have had this exact dynamic to them. Everyone's in the process of figuring it out and working it out. But I expect it'll all get resolved pretty quickly.

The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton, William Hurt, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth smashes into theatres on June 13, 2008.