Warner Brothers and DC Comics have at their disposal both a great stable of superheroic characters, and a track record of having one of the most successful superhero films of all time under the belt, in the form of The Dark Knight. Additionally, the studio and comic company seem to be moving forward with a new Superman film, as well as Green Lantern, with The Flash on the horizon, but is there any possibility of seeing a movie featuring the entire Justice League? George Miller recently told MTV that he believes his Justice League film will still happen - just not real soon.

"I'm still attached to the film," the director said. "Warner Bros. is waiting to develop the other characters a little bit and then bring Justice League together. After the success of [The Dark Knight], it's well known that they will develop the other characters and then bring them together in Justice League. That's a fair way down the track."

While Miller's continued involvement runs contrary to what most insiders are saying, it does make sense that DC and Warner Brothers are going to follow the model that Marvel is following with doing individual films for Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor first, and then following up with a "tie-it-all-together" epic in the form of The Avengers.

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