Is Apple looking to get into the rental biz?

In a story from, it appears that Apple Inc. is talking to "several movie studios" about creating a rental component to their iTunes web portal

Home Media Magazine states that the way this would break down is that "Apple would begin offering the rentals in the fall, with a $2.99 fee for a 30-day rental. iPod and iPhone users would be able to download the movies, however the movies would not be viewable on non-Apple products."

Currently, the computer company "has agreements with Paramount, Disney, MGM and Lionsgate and offers their movies on the site for around $10-$15 for older titles, and $12.99 for new titles the week they're released on DVD."

It seems that talk of an Apple Rental store had died down but a new screenshot at shows an "iTunes mishap" with an "option for non-delivery of rental movies. That's not the only indication that Apple iTunes movie rentals are on the way. There are also options for reporting issues for your rental movies including accidental purchase, poor quality, duplicate purchase, wrong version, bad metadata, and 'other.'"