We've long heard rumors that Jason Momoa is officially cast in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It is said to be a small role that will expand into a large part in Justice League. At first, it was believed he was playing either Martian Manhunter or Doomsday. Last night, Hitfix confirmed that he is in both movies, and that he will be playing Aquaman.

This has not been confirmed by Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and according to this new report, it won't be confirmed for quite some time. Jason Momoa himself has denied any involvement with the project.

Hitfix go onto claim that director Zack Snyder has already finished designing the character and that Jason Momoa will begin shooting his role very soon. One big difference from the comic books, he may not be called Aquaman in these movies.

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The storyline of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will find the world angry with Superman, looking for him to answer for the massive damage inflicted on the Metropolis landscape in Man of Steel. Lex Luthor is suspected to head a ban against the superhero, turning mankind against this alien, and making him look like a monster.

That's where Aquaman comes into the story. He is not pleased with what the World Engine has done to the Indian Ocean, and he seeks out Kal-El for an answer. Aquaman will not have a major role in Batman v Superman, but it will allow for the character to be set up for future films.

So, in 2016, it does look like we will see the king of Atlantis on the big screen. Is this exciting news?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange