Director George Miller might be planning to have the Justice League take over Middle Earth - so to speak. According to a report in the New Zealand news site, Miller is now considering taking his superhero epic Justice League: Mortal to the country where Peter Jackson filmed The Lord of the Rings.

The film had already hired staff from New Zealand's Weta Workshop to design costumes for the film.

The film's producer, David Osborne, said that if the film can't get the tax break, production would likely move to either Canada or the U.S. However, he said New Zealand is a possibility. "If George is unsuccessful in appealing to the [Australian] government, then there's two choices - you either scale back the movie in some substantial way or you find another place to do the movie that you can do for the budget. He admires what Peter Jackson's been able to do and the way he's organised. He would love to work here and if he did have to leave Australia, New Zealand is close. Where we end up it will depend on what we can make work budget-wise," Osborne said.

As always, the continued fate of Justice League: Mortal remains uncertain. Keep reading SuperheroFlix for more news as it becomes available.