Take this one with a grain of salt folks, but it seems that Keanu Reeves may be reteaming with the Wachowski brothers to bring an unlikely DC Comic's hero to the screen - none other than the incredibly oddball Plastic Man. A scooper told CHUD that Joel Silver was on a German radio broadcast promoting Ninja Assassin when he said that the Wachowski's will direct Plastic Man next.

According to the report, the Wachowskis wrote a proposed Plastic Man script before they created The Matrix. Furthermore, the report claims that they are aiming for a release date of the end of 2009, and that Keanu Reeves will be playing the role of Eel O'Brien/Plastic Man in the film.

Like we said, take this one with a grain of salt. It all could be true, but at the same time the idea of the Wachowski brothers following up their less-than-well-received Speed Racer with one of the stranger characters out of the DC Comics line-up may or may not be exactly what DC Comics and Warner Brothers had in mind for how to re-approach adapting their superheroes to the screen.

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