For all that the catch phrase of the original film was "There can be only one," that doesn't stop plans for Highlander from continuing, and the latest rumor has it that Kevin McKidd may be set to take over the role of Connor MacLeod. The folks at JoBlo revealed that the actor mentioned in a radio interview that he'd been approached about staring in the film.

McKidd, most recently seen in the short-lived NBC series Journeyman, is at least actually Scottish, unlike Christopher Lambert who originated the role. Not much else is known about the plans for this reinvention of the Highlander franchise, other than that there will be scenes which take place in medieval Scottland.

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The Highlander series has spawned four sequels and two television series, all revolving around the mysterious race of immortals who can only be killed by having their heads cut off. Whenever one immortal kills another, they absorb some of that other immortal's power - a process they call the Quickening. In theory, when there is only one immortal left, that immortal will gain 'the Prize'.