Director J.J. Abrams' is in the final days of principle photography on Star Trek 2, and it's been widely reported that none of the original Star Trek cast members would be appearing in this sequel. That includes Leonard Nimoy, who played a substantial role in 2009's Star Trek reboot.

Now, though, an off-the-cuff remark has fans speculating that the actor, who turned Vulcan Spock into a sci-fi icon, may actually make an appearance in this upcoming sequel, slated for release in 2013.

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On Thursday, Leonard Nimoy was on scene to watch the arrival of experimental NASA shuttle The Enterprise in New York City, where he was interviewed by CNN. The anchor asked if he would be appearing in another Star Trek movie. This was his response.

"Uhh...We're talking. We're talking."

Many fans who've heard this statement speculate that it is far too early for J.J. Abrams to be talking about Star Trek 3. Though, you never know. A cameo is still possible for Star Trek 2, which has most Trekkers and Trekkies excited. Though retired from acting, Leonard Nimoy is next scheduled to return to Fringe sometime before the show ends next year.