Last month, Walt Disney Pictures made /lone-ranger-halts-production/news when they announced that their planned big screen reinvention of Lone Ranger was being halted due to a ballooning budget. Now, it seems that an agreement about production costs has been reached, and that the Western may be back on track.

The three principles in getting the film made, star Johnny Depp (who's set to play Tonto; and would have been paid his original asking sum even if the film never went before cameras), director Gore Verbinski, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer, have all agreed to reduce their salary. This could mean that the project is back on track, but Walt Disney has not given the official word just yet.

Disney wanted the budget at an even $200 million, while Jerry Bruckheimer has been negotiating for $215 million. Johnny Depp has firmly stated that he won't make the picture without Gore Verbinski, who directed the megastar in the first three Jack Sparrow adventures, as well as the animated Western Rango.

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It was also /lone-ranger-budget-toppled-by-werewolves/reported last month that werewolves and other supernatural elements were what toppled the budget of Lone Ranger. Gore Verbinski is currently trying to figure out a way to retain those aspects of the screenplay while working with reduced funds.

Whether or not Lone Ranger will move forward after Johnny Depp commences shooting on Dark Shadows should be announced shortly.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange