Lost Boys: The Tribe hit stores last Tuesday with both positive word of mouth and above average sales. Sure, certain horror aficionados have lambasted the twenty years-in-the-making sequel, but most audience members have found it to be quite a thrilling, fun little ride. Corey Feldman has been sited as the film's signature savior. His bravado and sheer electric on-screen energy have earned Lost Boys: The Tribe a place in our hearts. Truth be told, he dominates the film, and makes it a worthwhile endeavor. If you've seen the DVD, you know that Corey Haim and Jamison Newlander make a short, yet sweetly awesome appearance on the disc. Well, we learned today that producers are looking to move ahead on Lost Boys 3, and the film will be based on the twenty second clip we saw at the end of Part Two.

It's funny that this news comes from Moviehole. In a recent interview with Feldman, the actor accused Clint Morris of giving the film a bad review. Not true, and now Clint seems more excited than anyone about the possibilities of a third film. He states in his story, "I've spoken to one of the chaps involved in the movie since its DVD debut last week and he promises me that there will definitely be more Sam and Alan in Lost Boys 3 (yep, seems they're thinking about it already). Feldman, Haim and Newlander will be the stars of the next chapter. The finale of Lost Boys: The Tribe sets the next film up, signaling a possible Corey vs. Corey outing next time around, and that's indeed what we're going to get... As of today anyway. And yes, Jamison Newlander will be back as Alan Frog - and not just for a deleted ending on the disc."

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The storyline of Part 3 will see Sam and Edgar Frog battling Frog brother Alan, who has become infected and is now one of the master vampires. Edgar will also have to deal with Sam's own transition into a vampire. At this time, Corey Feldman's relationship with Haim seems to be on shaky ground. Lets hope they can work through their differences, and that this proposed second sequel soon becomes a reality.