Back in July of last year, Marvel comics editor Stephen Wacker teased that Disney XD is moving forward with an animated series based on director James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy.

Here are his comments,

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"Now, look, I can't officially confirm that we spent a LOT of time talking about the Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon but wouldn't that HYPOTHETICALLY... be amazing? Seriously though, don't ask me about it because it totally didn't happen."

Now, sources close to Disney and Marvel have revealed to Comic Book Movie that an animated series based on Guardians of the Galaxy is in fact moving forward, and that it will debut on Disney XD sometime before the end of the year.

Information on the new half-hour adventure series is sparse. Marvel and Disney were planning to make an all-new animated series about Spider-Man, but opted to move on Guardians of the Galaxy instead.

There is no information on when the series will debut, but it will be based in the world of the cinematic incarnation of the impending franchise more so than the comic books this world is based on.

Guardians of the Galaxy have appeared in animated form before. They were part of a major story arc on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, as well as Ultimate Spider-Man. And they got the spoof treatment on Marvel's animated comedy series The Super Hero Squad Show.

You can check out the Guardians of the Galaxy in this featurette released by Marvel last year to get a sense of what the cartoon might look like.