The Guardian is reporting that with all the hype around Matthew Vaughn's soon to be released superhero film Kick-Ass, there is a fair amount of talk about what he might do next.

It seems that Vaughn may have inked a deal to direct an adaptation of the English television and radio presenter Jonathan Ross' comic book mini series Turf.

The Guardian reports:

There will be five further issues, a hardback collection and - if all goes to plan - a Turf movie made by Matthew Vaughn, the producer of Ross's wife's current hit comic-book film Kick-Ass.

Giving this story even more credence is the fact that Ross is married to Jane Goldman who co-wrote the screenplay for Kick-Ass and Stardust.

Heavy Ink describes Turf as follows:

A four- issue hard boiled noir crime thriller with girls, guns, fangs and aliens. New York, 1929. The height of prohibition. The cops turn a blind eye while the mobs run the city, dealing in guns, girls and illegal liquor. But the arrival of the mysterious Dragonmir Family from Eastern Europe with more of a taste for blood then booze co-incides with a series of brutal attacks on the gangsters themselves. As the gangs fall before the fangs, only handful of mobsters survive. But an unlikely alliance formed between tough guy Eddie Falco and a character from a LONG way from New York City - a long way from Earth in fact - offers the humans a glimmer of hope. As the strong willed young reporter Susie Dale from the Gotham Herald tries to survive in the middle of the maelstrom, and an ancient prophecy unfolds, no one can guess who's going to win the battle for this particular slice of Turf.