Can Smallville survive without Lex Luthor? We may soon find out, based on a quote from Michael Rosenbaum in a video segment at Young Hollywood. Rosenbaum, who plays the role of a young Lex Luthor, suggested that either the show, or at least his involvement in it, will soon be coming to an end.

In the video segment, Rosenbaum finishes it off by saying "Watch Smallville, for only a couple more months, because then I'm done."

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Now, it is unclear whether or not Rosenbaum means that Smallville itself is coming to an end, or whether he merely means that he intends to leave the show when his contract expires at the end of the seventh season.

To watch the video clip CLICK HERE

We'll keep you up to date as we know more about the future of Smallville. In the meantime, watch Rosenbaum along with the rest of the cast of the show when new episodes return to the CW network on January 31, 2008.