On Friday, we reported that New Line Cinema is planning a spin-off of this summer's hit thriller The Conjuring, which centers on the evil Annabelle doll. Today, Bloody Disgusting has word that two more spin-offs are also being developed.

The initial story revealed that The Conjuring director of photography John R. Leonetti is directing the Annabelle spin-off, although now we have word that he is actually co-directing with John Darko. The project, tentatively entitled The Annabelle Story, will take place before the events of The Conjuring. No details were given about the other two spin-offs, except that they will be approached as micro-budget projects.

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Production on The Annabelle Story may begin as early as next month, although it isn't even known who is writing the screenplay, or if any cast members are attached yet. Along with the three spin-offs, New Line is also developing The Conjuring 2 from a script by Chad Hayes and Carey Hayes. It isn't known when production may begin on the sequel either.