Since Disney hasn't released any official statement about how the production on Star Wars: Episode VII will be affected after Harrison Ford's on-set injury, a number of rumors have been circulating, including yesterday's report that Disney and LucasFilm are considering a production shut-down until the actor can get back on his feet. Today, we have a new report from Page Six, which includes unconfirmed details that Oscar Isaac may have an expanded role in the sequel because of this injury, although Disney and other sources contradict these claims.

While it still hasn't been confirmed who exactly Oscar Isaac is playing, there are rumors that he is playing a descendant of Harrison Ford's Han Solo. Regardless of who he is playing, one source claims that Oscar Isaac's role will be "beefed up" due to the injury.

"They are now beefing up Oscar's role to be bigger with Harrison injured."

However, a second source said that no roles are being expanded, although the shooting order for certain characters may be shifted in Harrison Ford's absence. This source also claims that it would be impossible to shut the whole movie down, contrary to yesterday's report.

"Shutting down the movie is impossible. The basic story line will not change that much. The order of filming scenes could be shifted."

A representative for Disney also shot down the allegations of Oscar Isaac's expanded role.

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"This is categorically not true."

All we do know is that production on Star Wars: Episode VII is still under way in London, under the direction of J.J. Abrams, that is, until the next unconfirmed rumor tells us otherwise.