Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones is reportedly the front runner to play Janet Van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp in Marvel's Phase Three adventure Ant-Man.

The actress is said to be at the top of Marvel's short list because of her "chemistry with other actors," particularly with Paul Rudd, whom she starred with in I Love You, Man and Our Idiot Brother, and fellow Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt. We reported earlier this week that Paul Rudd is in contention for the title role.

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An unidentified source revealed that, while Janet Van Dyne will be big a part of the story, she will not actually turn into The Wasp.

"Janet will be a love interest and a major supporting character, we would see multiple references to her future as The Wasp throughout the film."

We reported in August that Rashida Jones is leaving NBC's Parks and Recreation after the 13th episode of Season 6 later this year.