The CW Network series Arrow is considering plans to bring another emerald-clad superhero onto the show, as Ryan Reynolds may reprise his role as Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern.

The upcoming season finale features Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) trying to stop Fyers (Sebastian Dunn) from blowing up a Ferris Air jetliner. Here's what executive producer Marc Guggenheim had to say about the Ferris Air reference from the 2011 Green Lantern movie .

"If all goes according to plan, when you see the Ferris Air logo later in the season, it will be the same logo that we established in the movie. I like tips of the hat."

Marc Guggenheim, along with the series' co-creator Greg Berlanti, wrote the screenplay for the 2011 movie Green Lantern, which starred Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern and Blake Lively as Carol Ferris.

When asked about both Hal Jordan or Carol Ferris making an appearance, the executive producer wouldn't say one way or another, but did hint that he may bring Ryan Reynolds back.

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"I would never say never. It's certainly something that we've talked about. As with all DC characters, we have to figure out a way for those characters to fit within our Arrow universe. But when you consider the importance that Hal Jordan plays in the Green Arrow comics, it's certainly one of those names that we've discussed a great deal. I have Ryan Reynolds' phone number around here somewhere."

There are only two more episodes left in Season 1 of Arrow, with "Darkness on the Edge of Town" airing tonight, May 8th, and "Sacrifice" closing out the season on Wednesday, May 15th on The CW Network. We reported back in February that The CW picked up Arrow for Season 2.