Could Christina Bale's days as Batman be numbered? A recent report from Australian news site suggests that Bale may lose out his role to his Terminator Salvation co-star, Sam Worthington.

Worthington's star is on the rise with his role in Terminator Salvation and his upcoming role in James Cameron's Avatar.

Gossip suggests that Bale's blow-up on the Terminator set may have damaged his credibility as Batman, and that they may be looking for a replacement for the star of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Take this one with a healthy grain of salt, folks. Bale is already committed to doing a third Batman film, and few people within the film industry consider Bale's outburst on set to be anything more than the result of a tense moment of filmmaking. Terminator Salvation director, McG, said at the New York Comic Con that Bale and the unfortunate DP who was the target of his rant were back working together less than an hour after the infamous incident occurred.

Furthermore, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight have both been great successes for Warner Brothers, and Bale's portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman has been a major part of that. So, it seems unlikely that the studio would be looking to replace him anytime soon.