In a story from MovieDrop, with the unabashed success of Avatar, James Cameron is wielding extraordinary powers in the realm of cinema. Well get ready for his reach to extend far beyond his grasp and his creative prowess.

It appears that Cameron is being listened to by everybody lately and this includes The Dark Knight helmer Christopher Nolan. After The Dark Knight exploded in cinemas back in 2008, Nolan was being looked at for every high profile project imaginable. Well, with Cameron's record breaking Avatar taking over every box office record on the planet, Nolan is now in somewhat of a subordinate position to the groundbreaking director.

It seems that Cameron likes Sam Worthington to take on the role of the Caped Crusader. And surprisingly, Nolan is interested.

"After Avatar knocked off Titanic from the top spot, my secretary rang me and said, 'James Cameron is on the phone,' I thought it was one of my mates having a lark," Nolan laughs. "So it was Jimmy and he says, 'Are you thinking about Batman 3?' I was like 'Every day' and he says, 'I have two words for you... Sam Worthington."

Nolan admits that he was resistant to this recasting idea at first because Christian Bale, who has played Batman in both of the newer movies, is so recognized and popular as that character.

"I probably would've told anybody else to stop mucking about... but since it was Jim I started to think about it. From a purely physical standpoint it makes sense... Sam is a real force on screen."

Also factor in that Batman 3 will most likely be shot in 3D and it makes economic sense, Worthington was in Avatar so he isn't unfamiliar shooting in that format.

"Warner Bros., after they decided to turn Clash of the Titans into a 3D film, allowed me to do a screen test of the actors side by side in 3D."

The results?

"Sam Worthington just looks better in 3D." Nolan states.

He did say that as much as he likes Worthington this isn't a guarantee that he will unseat Bale. It just opens up the franchise to other options.

During a recent presser for Clash of the Titans when asked about future projects Worthington dropped this coyly worded hint about his involvement with Batman 3.

"I've got nothing in the offing... just testing on projects presently."

When we have more information about this we will be sure to report it.