According to Variety, Scrubs may be gone soon. It seems NBC is certainly sending out that message with its last batch of promos. The one that aired during Monday night's episode of Heroes claimed that Scrubs was airing its "final episodes." The next promo to air declared that there were only "four episodes left."

It's not like the network to be so vague. Usually, when a popular series reaches its climax, NBC will promote the heck out of that final episode. Not this time. NBC is being rather hush-hush about Scrubs' demise. Instead, they're leaving it to the viewer's imaginations as to whether the show is going away or not.

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When asked for comment, NBC wouldn't spill the beans. Insiders say that NBC just doesn't know yet. Scrubs' fate is still up in the air, and they don't want to drive in that death nail until they are positive the series isn't coming back.

While the show has pulled in reliable ratings since its debut, the price of production may keep it from seeing another season. ABC has shown some interest in keeping the show alive. But Zach Braff's recent pay increase may make it too expensive even for them.

NBC's option to keep the show on the air doesn't expire until May 15th. Look for the series' fate to be announced around that time.

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