If Vin Diesel can whip the Internet into a frenzy simply by posting a picture of himself standing in front of an Avengers comic book, then why shouldn't others follow suit? The World's End star Simon Pegg visited Marvel earlier today, posting three photos of himself. One of which finds the star pointing towards Ant-Man. Does this mean he's got the part locked down? Or is he simply throwing props to The World's End director and longtime collaborator Edgar Wright, whose next movie is Ant-Man? It's most likely the later, but a little hype never hurt no one. We seriously doubt Simon Pegg is playing Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym, as he seems completely wrong for the part. Then again, stranger things have happened in the Marvel universe. What do you think? Should Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright reteam on Ant-Man? Who will Nick Frost play? (It should be noted that the actor also took photos with Hulk and Mjölnir, so don't get too excited).

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