A new video has surfaced on the Jamie and Teddy website. For those following all of the Cloverfield tie-in videos, this new two-minute clip holds one of the biggest clues yet.

A lot of people have speculated that Slusho contains a secret ingredient that turns animals and people into hideous, town devouring creatures. Jamie's new love Teddy has been kidnapped by the Tagruato Corporation. He has sent Jamie the secret Slusho ingredient with a warning that she shouldn't consume it. In this video, she does just that...

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So, what does this mean? Is Jamie the Cloverfield monster? She has her own myspace page, and she is directly tied into the viral advertising. But she doesn't seem to be listed as part of the cast. Hmm? This is harder to follow than a Japanese soap opera without subtitles. Check out the video here:

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