Bloody Disgusting recently talked with Clive Barker. They asked him about the definitive cut of Nightbreed. Will we ever see it? Barker says, "Asked the studios."

About new footage that was incorporated into the film, Barker told Bloody Disgusting, "That was footage that was found in someone's garage! That's how amazing that is. That wasn't actual film footage just video shot with Craig Spector's video camera around the set. I have asked Fox over and over again for the missing 25 minutes and of those missing minutes there just isn't a sign. And you know, let's be clear, all they care about is money so what is the upside to Fox who have this material somewhere in their system?"

About the Tortured Souls film, Clive said, "It's out there but I think until Todd (McFarlane) gets into a place where he really wants to get into movies it'll sit. But, you know I'm up to my neck in stuff as it is."