Kill Bill 3: During an interview in the latest issue of Empire Magazine, director Quentin Tarantino talked about revisitng the Kill Bill story after the second film completes it's theatrical run...

"Yeah, I've been thinking about revisiting the story in a couple of ways," said the director. "I've been thinking about doing it as an anime feature that would tell the entire origin of Bill." Those who have seen Kill Bill Volume One will remember the anime sequence that demonstrates the lack of large-eyed talking rabbits in Quentin's cartoons, and in fact that his animated sequences are if anything more violent than his films.

Quentin has also considered telling the story - possibly animated, possibly live action - of Nikki, the five year old whose mother was the Bride's first victim in Volume One of the revenge drama.

Tarantino did drop a couple of further tidbits about his proposed sequel / prequel, but since they might spoil some of the plot twists in Volume 2 of the saga, anyone anxious to know more will have to buy the magazine.

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