UPDATE (03/11/14): The following photo is apparently a fake, according to Forbes blogger Mark Hughes. He tweeted out the following statement:

Shortly there after, another 'leaked' photo started to make the rounds, which claimed to be of Ben Affleck in the batsuit on set, which you can see here:

Batman on Set Batman Vs. Superman Photo

You'll notice that both suits are identical, with the same Jim Lee inspired cowl, short ears, and white eyes. This photo also features four other people surrounding what is presumed to be the actor. Is this real or fake? It looks photo shopped to us. But we can't be certain. Mark Hughes, who sounds like he's seen the real thing, is asking fans to wait for the official image before taking a look. While these photos are being called out as fake, we haven't seen that confirmed yet.

Original Story: While we keep hearing rumors that Warner Bros. and DC Comics will soon be unveiling Batman Vs. Superman star Ben Affleck in his full costume, today we have a mysterious black and white photo that some are claiming is the real thing. This comes from an anonymous source on Instagram, and its legitimacy cannot yet be verified. If this is indeed our first look at the new Batman, Warner Bros. will confirm by requesting its removal. If it truly is a genuine leak, expect the real thing to be here soon. As Warner Bros. made sure to give us an official look at Henry Cavill as Jor-El in Man of Steel before leaks and set visits could give an unflattering look at what lay ahead. While this appears to be a photo of a photo, the cowl seen here is certainly influenced by artist Jim Lee.

Batman Vs Superman Ben Affleck

What do you think? Is this Ben Affleck as Batman? Or just another fake?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange