Batman Vs. Superman cinematographer Larry Fong sent out a photo through his Twitter page earlier today, which could be the very first behind-the-scenes photo from the set. The director of photography's Twitter followers have speculated that the blurry figure in the background may very well be Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne. Check out the photo, then read on for more information.

Warner Bros. has not confirmed exactly when shooting will begin on Batman Vs. Superman yet, but the production did issue a casting call for extras earlier this month, which will take place Saturday, April 27 in Troy, Michigan.

We reported in September that Larry Fong will serve as DP for director Zack Snyder, whom the director worked with on 300, Watchmen and Sucker Punch.

Of course, this image could be taken from a rehearsal, but even if principal photography hasn't started yet, it seems that may happen sooner rather than later. Larry Fong also confirmed that the sequel will be shot using anamorphic lenses.

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Man of Steel was shot on film, not digital, and Batman Vs. Superman will likely follow suit, especially if we're to believe that this tweet is the first photo from the set.