Cinemablend has reported that Tom Cruise is being considered for a major supporting role in the upcoming Dreamworks franchise sequel Shrek Goes Forth. It is not known which character he will play, but their inside source confirmed that he'd be voicing one of the new villains.

This is rumored to be Tom Cruise's next step in reinventing his public persona. Tropic Thunder worked wonders for the actor, so why not make his next step the kid friendly antics of Shrek? Cinemablend received word of Cruise's potential involvement from someone deep inside Dreamworks' Animation Department.

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This fourth installment of the Shrek series is being prepped for a 2010 debut, so news of Cruise's involvement should be made public fairly soon. The film is being directed by Mike Mitchell this time out. The original source for this story sites Mitchell as a long time Tom Cruise enthusiast, and also notes that at this stage, this is nothing more than a rumor.