Our friend Robert over at IESB is reporting that Paramount Pictures is in the process of creating a Transformers amusement park ride for sometime in the near future. Which park will get the ride? What will it be? That all seems to be up in the air at this particular moment.

IESB tells us that The Transformers Adventure will be what amusement park aficionados consider a "Dark Ride". Robert stole this description of a "Dark Ride" off of Wikipedia: "A dark ride or darkride is an indoor amusement ride where riders in guided vehicles travel through specially-lit scenes that characteristically contain animation, sounds, music, and other special effects."

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The ride will be constructed sometime between Transformers 2 and Transformers 3. While there is no word where this ride will eventually end up, it is said to be very much in the same vein as Disneyland's Indiana Jones Adventure ride.

IESB will have more on this as the story develops.