We know that Batman is a world-class detective and martial-artist, but can he dance? Well, according to the New York Post's Page Six, we may soon find out as Adam West, star of the television incarnation of Batman is in consideration to appear on the new season of Dancing with the Stars.

West, at age 80, is apparently still up for the challenge. "Adam is in outstanding shape," one source says. "He works out an hour a day and walks with his big dog on his farm in Sun Valley, Idaho." One of West's representatives confirmed the possibility, saying that West is "not definite yet, but is one of the people they are seriously looking at. They will decide on everyone on August 25."

We'll find out for certain about whether or not West will trade in Batman's cape and cowl for a pair of dancing shoes when the show announces its' cast on August 25, 2008 on Good Morning America. Dancing with the Stars returns to ABC September 22, 2008.