If you're in need of one last Star Wars: Episode VII rumor story before the weekend, then you're in luck, because WWE Superstar Sheamus (a.k.a. Stephen Farrelly) has been hinting that he may portray Darth Vader in the upcoming sequel.

Of course, the movie is set several years after Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi, where Darth Vader was killed, so it seems unlikely that the iconic villain will be showing up in this highly-anticipated sequel. Though we have heard rumors of a flashback featuring a young Princess Leia, as played by Carrie Fisher's daughter Billie Catherine Lourd, so it's entirely possible that this rumor is true.

Will Leia and Darth meet on screen again?

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Earlier this week, the wrestler revealed that he visited the Irish island Skellig Michael, the same area that was confirmed as a new shooting location just a few days ago. The Irish Mirror publication ran a story that claimed Sheamus is playing Darth Vader, which the wrestler ambiguously responded to on his Twitter.

Ironically, before his days as a WWE pro wrestler, Sheamus portrayed Darth Vader during promotional tours for the 1999 prequel Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. It's possible that Darth Vader will be brought back in some kind of a flashback, but since hardly any story details have been confirmed about this highly-secretive production, there's no way to tell for certain.

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