Get ready for more Pennywise the clown, and sooner than you may think. We haven't even seen the first installment of the new movie adaptation of Stephen King's IT, which had previously been adapted as a two-part TV miniseries in 1990, but it seems like New Line Cinema has a lot of confidence in it. Case and point, the IT sequel may already start filming this month, which would mean that part 2 will probably hit theaters sometime next year or in early 2019.

The news comes courtesy of My Entertainment World, who recently updated a production listing for the IT sequel, which is seemingly going under the working title of "Accordion." If their report is correct, and they have become a very reliable source for this kind of information, the movie will be filming in Toronto, Canada starting on March 17. That is six months prior to the release of the first IT, which bodes well for the highly-anticipated return of Pennywise the clown and the poor kids of Derry. My Entertainment World also released a brief synopsis for the IT sequel, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has read the book or watched the miniseries.

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"A promise made twenty-eight years ago calls seven adults to reunite in Derry, Massachusetts, where as teenagers they battled an evil creature that preyed on the city's children. Unsure that their Losers Club had vanquished the creature all those years ago, the seven had vowed to return to Derry if IT should ever reappear."

Producer Dan Lin recently confirmed that IT was still being happening as a two-part movie, which appears to have always be the plan. The movies are also going to be R-rated and according to Lin, they have fully embraced that. Whether or not that was always the plan, if New Line felt that the movie they are getting ready to release this year wasn't great they would probably not be so eager to start filming IT 2. So this can only be good news. We reported a few months ago that the studio was already holding a test screening for IT and based on this information, we can only assume that any test screenings they have held have gone well. This is all good news for those who are looking forward to seeing kids get terrorized by arguably the scariest clown in the history of scary clowns.

As mentioned, Stephen King's classic novel was previously adapted into a 1990 TV miniseries of the same name, in which, it was Tim Curry who played Pennywise the clown. This time around it is Bill Skarsgard who will be terrifying The Losers Club. Originally, it was supposed to be We're the Millers star Will Poulter who was tapped to play Pennywise back when Cary Fukunaga was scheduled to direct. When Mama director Andres Muschietti was brought on board, things got shifted around a bit and it was ultimately Skarsgard who wound up shouldering the responsibility of bringing the iconic killer clown to life.

In addition to Bill Skarsgard, the first IT stars Jaden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor. Since the sequel to IT will take place 28 years later, those roles will be recast but Skarsgard will almost definitely be back as Pennywise. If IT part two does indeed start filming later this month, we should be learning some details about casting at some point in the near future. The first IT is currently set for release on September 8.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott