For those IT fans who can't get enough creepy clown action in their lives, USAopoly has announced a brand new board game based on the 2017 the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's beloved horror novel of the same name. IT: Evil Below is set to arrive later this year and will continue the story of Pennywise and The Losers Club in terrifying tabletop fashion. Players will have to unite in order to defeat Pennywise and it will be a team effort because if just one member of the team dies, everyone loses.

IT: Evil Below will put players right in the heart of Derry, Maine, where they will take on the role of The Losers Club. Bill Denbrough and his friends are going to have to try and stop Pennywise, the evil being that emerges every 27 years in order to feed on the fear of unsuspecting children in the town. Billed as a cooperative strategy game, it centers on seven heroes as they wander their neighborhood, utilizing character-specific abilities that maintain the needed courage to defeat Pennywise and stop his series of abductions. If just one player runs out of health, the game is over and Pennywise wins.

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In the past several years, the board game market has sort of exploded. It's become a much larger market, specifically as it pertains to creating board games for adults, and not just kids. Case in point, this is being aimed at a 17 and up audience. As part of this tabletop game boom, many movie studios have been licensing some of their most appealing properties to board game companies as a method of further capitalizing. Aside from this, IT-themed versions of both Clue and Monopoly were also released recently.

This comes following the success of 2017's IT which, aside from being a critical success and a crowdpleaser, went on to gross $700 million at the global box office, making it the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. The release of IT: Evil Below will be well-timed, as it will be coming down the sewer drain at roughly the same time as this year's highly-anticipated sequel, IT: Chapter Two. The follow-up sees The Losers Club return to their home town of Derry 27 years later in order to finish what they started. It's set to arrive in theaters on September 6.

The tabletop game doesn't have a specific release date set yet, but it's said to be coming this fall. It will retail for $29.99 and, as adult-oriented board games go, that's not at all unreasonable. The package will contain a Game Board, 7 Character Boards, 8 Character Movers, 49 Totem Encounter Cards, 13 Attack Encounter Cards, 18 Pennywise Weakness Cards, 7 Custom Dice, 7 Bravery Tokens, 4 Bike Tokens, 1 Losers' Club Strength Token, 28 Pennywise Victim Tokens and the ever-important Rulebook. Be sure to check out the box art and a look at the game from The OP below.