The grown-up version of The Losers Club is almost complete for the highly-anticipated sequel IT 2, with Andy Bean coming aboard to play the adult Stanley Uris. Wyatt Oleff played the young Stanley Uris in last year's blockbuster IT, which broke The Exorcist's 44-year all-time record as the highest-grossing horror movie of all time, becoming the first horror movie ever to gross more than $300 million domestic. This sequel will be set 27 years after the first movie, with The Losers Club kids all reuniting as adults.

As of now, Andy Bean joins a cast that includes adult Losers Clubs members such as Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh (originally played by Sophia Lillis), James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough (originally played by Jaeden Lieberher) and Bill Hader as Richie Tozier (originally played by Finn Wolfhard). Earlier today, James Ransone revealed in a now-deleted tweet that he is playing Eddie Kaspbrak (originally played by Jack Dylan Grazer). The remaining adult Losers Club members who have yet to be cast are Mike Hanlon, originally played by Chosen Jacobs and Ben Hanscom, originally played by Jeremy Ray Taylor.

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Bill Skarsgard has been set to return as Pennywise, who comes back to haunt the citizens of Derry, Maine, 27 years after he was defeated by The Losers Club. All of the original Losers Club kids will return as well, presumably for flashback scenes. The original Stephen King novel was split into two parts, with the first half following The Losers Club as kids, as they take on Pennywise, with the second half bringing the same characters back as adults. In the book, all of the kids grow up and leave Derry, except Mike, who became the town's librarian.

Original IT director Andy Muschietti returns to take the helm for IT: Chapter 2, working from a script from IT writer Gary Dauberman. Dauberman shared writing credit with Chase Palmer and Cary Fukunaga, who was originally slated to direct IT at one point, but Dauberman is writing the sequel, with Roy Lee, Dan Lin, Barbara Muschietti, Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg producing the sequel. New Line Cinema has set a September 6, 2019 release date, which has that date all to itself, which isn't surprising given the box office dominance of the first movie.

Last year's IT helped pull Hollywood out of its box office funk, which produced the worst summer box office season in 11 years. While most expected the other high-profile Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower, to be a huge hit, that movie flopped and IT became a box office sensation, pulling in $327.4 million domestic and $700.3 million worldwide, from just a $35 million budget. It isn't known if there will be a large increase in the budget for this sequel, but it may be possible, given the high-profile stars that have come aboard to play these Losers Club members. Andy Bean is still a relative newcomer to the acting world, making his debut as Greg in the Starz series Power and making his feature film debut as Romit in Allegiant. He also played a lawyer in last year's Transformers: The Last Knight and he also played Henry Bergen in the recent HBO series Here and Now. Variety broke the casting news earlier today.